Why Did I Act Like an Atheist?

As a speaker with the Truth Conferences I have the opportunity to speak to some really great folks, but this Wednesday I got to speak to a bunch of middle school students.  My heart burns to see young people experience/worship Jesus in spirit and in truth, so I acted like an Atheist.  Ha ha ha, I know that sounds weird, but let me explain. 🙂

We are called to love others and tell them about the good news, right?

Well, that is kind of scary, especially when confronted by people who don’t believe what we believe.  It is never comfortable to be challenged, but if we don’t train and prepare to handle tough questions we will be unfruitful in expanding the Kingdom of God.

So, last Wednesday I decided to do some role playing with the middle school students at the Anaheim Vineyard Christian School.  I acted like an atheist and challenged their faith.  Then, we shifted gears and went back to the questions and addressed them through a Christian worldview.  We all learned a lot and had a great time.  If you would like to listen in on the experience, click below.

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