How was the Deep Questions Big Bear Retreat?

I am a co-director of two Ratio Christi “Deep Questions Clubs.” One is at UCLA and another is on the Santa Monica College campus.

Our group is made up of people who believe many different things, but we all put being friends first, facts second, opinions third, agreements sometimes, and enemies never.

Ratio Christi is Latin for the reasonableness of Christ. The purpose of the club is to chat about the deep questions of life and see how different worldviews answer them. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Truth he claims to be and that the deepest and most meaningful questions we could ever ask ourselves is reasonably answered through the lens of a Christian worldview.

The groups meet for two hours once a week, but we were able to get away for a nice trip to Big Bear. The extra time opened up the ability to really dive deep into the big topics of life.

A week before our Deep Questions Big Bear Retreat, we had a BBQ and these questions were brought up:
How do you acquire wisdom?
What does it mean to be good?
Why is unconditional love so hard to attain?
Does everyone deserve true love ?
Why is complicated to make friends in a new environment?
What is truth?
What is true?
Who or what is the highest authority that can make truth claim?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why are so many people privileged and so impoverished?
Are they good people?
What happens when we die?
Why is anything?
Is cannibalism always wrong?
What is the most important question?
If you drop soap on the ground is the floor clean or the soap dirty?
What is the difference between people who are happy and those who aren’t?
What is the curiosity of life?
What will I be proud of when it’s time for me to die?
Why is there suffering in the world?
What is the nature of evil?

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