Help! My Kid is Online…

This is a bit of a book preview on… HELP! MY KID IS ONLINE.

I haven’t had a chance to write up something in great detail, but I wanted to give you a couple of things that will be covered.

1. Why?
Think about why setting up boundaries and/or restrictions for your child is healthy. Your child will respect you for a well thought approach as opposed to just saying “because I say so.”

2. Be honest about the unknown.
Parents today did not grow up with a personal device connected to the internet of today. We do not know what the cognitive ramifications are or will be. We parents are the first parents to navigate the uncharted territory of guiding children into healthy internet use.

Even though we are entering uncharted territory, much data is coming in.  This article has some shocking info:  Smartphones, teens, and unhappiness

3. Lovingly restate your job.
Parents have the opportunity to bless their children with privileges and the internet is absolutely a privilege. If you see it fitting to limit or restrict your child’s privileges, as a loving parent, you must.

There are so many facets to this topic. Each child is different, so you will need to uniquely approach this privilege based on each personality.

Perhaps your child is…
-in need of sheltering from adult content.
-in need of time limits and windows.
-social and actively chatting/texting with others.
-unwilling to let you check in on their activity.
-seeking adult content.
-dishonest about their location.
-fill in the blank…….

Home Wifi: – $20 bucks a month
Clean Router is a company that sells WiFi routers that connect to your existing Internet Service Provider’s modem and/or router. There is a monthly fee attached to the customer care and support, but the cost averages to about fifty cents a day. The best part is that a Clean Router limits access to adult content and gives the ability to set up various parameters for each unique device in your home.

Mobile Devices: – Android – $54 bucks a year – IOS – $7 bucks a month

Both Windows and Apple devices have parental controls built in, all you need to do is set up a parent account and an account for each child.

This has inspired me to also create a presentation to help other parents. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Much love & Godspeed,

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