Deep Questions Club

… is a great place to sit down and make friends with people you probably won’t agree with.  In fact, the goal is to make friends with people that think differently than we do.  We don’t polarize.


How does your worldview answer the tough questions of reality, origins, purpose, evil, and death?  Are the core tenets of your current worldview convincing?

Feel free to raise a question and share what you believe is true.  Are you an Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, Satanist, Jew, Muslim, Pantheist, Deist, Christian, Humanist, Environmentalist, Free Thinker, Skeptic, Scientist, Philosopher, Theologian, (FILL IN THE BLANK), or still figuring out what you believe?  No matter what your worldview happens to be, go ahead and persuade, convince, evangelize, and/or proselytize.  SERIOUSLY!

We are here to chat through the tough topics of life and figure out which worldview is best supported by logic, reason, evidence, philosophy, theology, history, and science.
The Deep Questions Club is a marketplace of ideas and is a great place to discover which worldview(s) are worth subscribing to.  Do you truly understand why you think the way you do. Let’s find out together, but remember FACTS > OPINION. 🙂

Everyone assumes their own worldview is correct.  We disagree on most questions, but we have become friends and end up spending time with each other off campus.  We have regular BBQ’s and annual trips to the Big Bear mountains & camping snorkel adventures in Malibu.

The Deep Questions Club is a great place to challenge others and to be challenged.  The conversation is always nice, and worst case scenario you’ll make a friend that you don’t agree with.  🙂

Our unique community is organized by me and other nice Christians from Ratio Christi, but most people in the Deep Questions Club are not Christian.

Everyone is welcome!

Let’s explore life’s deepest questions together & not be polarized.
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Have questions about either of the UCLA or Santa Monica College campus Deep Questions Clubs?  Send me an email.

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Helping you build a reasonable worldview, one question at a time!