2 thoughts on “What Do You Say to an Atheist that says there is no God?”

  1. There is no definition of what a god is so thus we have no evidence for something we know nothing about. This is a silly answer because you don’t cover all the bases.

    1. Ted,

      There are many random definitions of gods that one could choose, but this site is not dedicated to gods and their definitions.

      This site is dedicated to building faith in GOD one question at a time, and I will define HIM for you in a little bit.

      With that said, a good buddy of mine is an Atheist and also named Ted. We hang out on a weekly basis, in fact, he was over for dinner on Thursday. I have a lot of love for Ted and I feel the love in return. 🙂 We disagree on many things, but we are friends and I think it will be that way for a very long time.

      Your push toward wisdom reminds me of a quote attributed to Socrates, which states that the “beginning of wisdom is the defining of terms.”

      So, let’s define GOD as JESUS, who is the GOD of the Bible. Which in specific terms is described quite well in this video…

      GOT QUESTIONS? – Who is God?

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