short film: HOW DID WE GET HERE?


On Darwin Day 2017, I released the short film titled: How Did We Get Here?  Yes, as in the late Charles Darwin best known for authoring the infamous title On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection was being celebrated, I chose to question his work.  He is so closely associated with biological evolution that many folks call the idea Darwinism.  Darwin changed the world with a groundbreaking hypothesis and this is why he is celebrated.  The vision of International Darwin Day is to:

“…inspire people throughout the globe to reflect and act on the principles of intellectual bravery, perpetual curiosity, scientific thinking, and hunger for truth as embodied in Charles Darwin. It will be a day of celebration, activism, and international cooperation for the advancement of science, education, and human well-being.” –

While many celebrate Charles Darwin’s idea of natural selection being the means of species originating, we need to seriously question the science of biological evolution.

Interestingly, Charles Darwin never defined evolution and did not show how natural selection produces new and unique species.  Evolutionists today are still working in the absence of a scientifically agreed upon definition and are still at a loss when it comes to showing how new and unique species emerge into existence.

Unfortunately, no evolutionist has shown to be brave enough to mention these issues and therefore stays quiet and ignores intellectual honesty.  Those in the Darwinian community of thought are not curious as to how we got here, they are all as sure as sure can be that an undefined process called biological evolution (of which we do not know how) produced all of the unique and diverse species.

When questions are raised against the un-observable, un-testable, unreplicatable idea of natural selection producing new and unique species; evolutionary biologists discount the inquiry and defame the inquirer.  For evolutionists, holding fast to Darwinian ideas is more important than seeking truth through the scientific process of inviting questions.

The film is partially based on the book WHAT IS EVOLUTION? and questions three aspects of Darwinian thinking:

  • Is theistic evolution (God-Initiated-Evolution) theologically valid?
  • Is biological evolution scientifically valid?
  • Is biological evolution legally valid?


1 – This version explains the scientific ramifications of evolution, no theology mentioned.

2 – This version explains both scientific and theological ramifications of evolution.


This short film is essentially a business card for the full length documentary.  The information covered in this short film needs to be expounded upon in greater detail, plus many other points of evolutionary thought.

More Time.  This short film is packed full of information and very large ideas are covered in a matter of seconds.  Evolutionary concepts, theology, and scientific information will be more deeply explored in the full length documentary.

Interviews.  Quotes are great, but watching the actual person speak on camera is better.  I would like to interview theologians, biologists, law professionals, and people on the street.

Back Story.  The topic of how we got here is so polarizing and has been for many years and many different reasons.  The history of the conversation will be covered in the full length documentary.

Future Story.  The goal of the short film and the full length documentary is to rid the world of the pseudoscience of biological evolution.  Which means, the future of science education will look much different then it does today.  Part of the film will be dedicated to interviewing and brainstorming with science educators.

You.  Do you imagine a future that is free of the shackles of pseudoscience?  Do you want to see educators turned back to empirical methodology, aka actual science?

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