William James Herath

…is dedicated to helping you build a reasonable worldview, one question at a time.

His ministry is like ROCKET FUEL for Evangelism!

Called “Willie” by those who know him, his story includes many years of being a timid Christian; too afraid to share his faith. Reaching out to the lost was the last thing on his list. Willie was crippled and ineffective because he didn’t know how to respond to skeptics. When it came to the deep questions of life, he knew Jesus Christ was the answer, but he didn’t know why.

Having blind faith in our American Pop-Culture-Society that is opposed, and even hostile to Christians, is embarrassing.

Embarrassed Christians don’t share their faith and ultimately walk away from the Church.

Willie remembered that Jesus claims to be the TRUTH and therefore began to study the Atheistic Worldview through the lens of 2 Corinthians 10:5.  Learn More Here!

Willie now has a confident hope that has been reasonably investigated that gets stronger when tested. He is filled with joy and excitement when given the opportunity to share with a skeptic. His method of teaching is upbeat, interactive, and designed to equip & motivate you to lovingly share Jesus with even the most antagonistic person in your life.

The harvest is plentiful, are you ready to add a little ROCKET FUEL to how you share Jesus?

Invite Willie to speak!  He is versed in the following topics:

EVANGELISMHow to lovingly share the good news of Jesus Christ in a world that believes evangelism is an immoral act.  Willie reaches out to skeptics and non-believers several times a week and has countless exciting stories from his experience. 

FAITH vs SCIENCEIntellectual skepticism is one of the major reasons why 70% of High School graduating Christians walk away from their faith.  The conversation needs to shift away from the false dichotomy of choosing science or faith and toward understand how they complement each other.  Willie has written extensively on this subject and speaks on this topic at the Truth Conferences.

AUTHENTICITY of SCRIPTURESThe Bible is a fascinating book, but isn’t it just a bunch of fairy-tales?  Willie covers this topic by using fun characters and easy to remember acronyms to highlight the archaeology, eye witness testimony, historical accounts from non-Christian authors, fulfilled prophecies, and ancient manuscript evidence to show the veracity of the Bible.

DID JESUS REALLY RISE FROM THE DEAD?This is the most important question anyone could ever ask a Christian, because the entire faith depends upon the actual body of Jesus coming back to life.  If he stayed dead, or never existed… then Christianity is a big waste of time.

WHY DOES GOD ALLOW PAIN & SUFFERING?Pain is never fun and if God is all-powerful why would He let so many bad things happen?  If God is good, why did He create evil?  Willie hears these questions on a regular basis and has engaged many deep and meaningful conversations surrounding this tough topic.

BLIND FAITHModern skeptics are actively promoting an idea that all religions are the same and essentially for fools.  They are also promoting a false definition of faith as “pretending to know something you don’t.”  Willie clearly shows that both of these claims are very far from the truth.  He points to the authenticity of Scripture and highlights how it shows faith to be a confident hope that is reasonably investigated that gets stronger when tested.  No blind faith required.

HEART of CHRISTJesus is in the people business.  He creates every person, by “knitting” each one of us together in our mothers’ wombs.  He also loves people deeper and more faithfully than we could ever know.  Jesus is the example we have to follow and true worshipers of Christ align their hearts with the heart of Christ.








Send an email to Willie, he’d love to brainstorm and chat about how he can bring his ROCKET FUELED ministry to your community!




He co-directs two Ratio Christi campus ministries, called the Deep Questions Club.  One meets at UCLA on Thursdays from noon-2pm and another at Santa Monica College that meets on Wednesdays from noon – 2pm.



Willie speaks at the Truth Conferences, youth groups, winter camps, summer camps, youth retreats, creationist clubs, high schools, and middle schools.

He has been volunteering and working with young people since 2006 which led to five years on staff as youth pastor at a non-denominational Christian church in Los Angeles.


Willie writes youth curricula for high school and college groups and has served on various national youth curricula teams. Also, Willie Herath has written books on the pseudoscience of evolution and the theological fallacy of God using evolution to create.


Willie has a passion for those who may be opposed to attending a church service or getting involved in a Christian ministry.  So, Willie opens up dialogue surrounding the deep questions of life by hosting Stump a Christian nights in Los Angeles and when he travels.  Essentially, he opens himself up to being a target for skeptics to sling their arrows.


Willie creates upbeat Jesus-centered video’s that are available for free on his YouTube channel!

Family Man

Willie lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and two children.


Willie has appeared in over forty national television commercials & has recorded multiple albums that are available on  Spotify.

Beach Guy

Willie enjoys Free-diving in the ocean & working out on the beach!


Goodbye Faith Cavities!