Pushing tough questions to the back burner causes cavity-like doubt to grow on our faith.  If left alone, these cavities will rot away belief in Jesus Christ.

We must engage tough questions, avoid cheap answers, and help people build their faith on a foundation of good reasons.

Hello questions, and goodbye faith cavities!


The VISION at Ready… Set… Question, is to engage tough questions in order to help others build & manage a reasonable faith in Jesus Christ.  This vision is unfolding through the MISSION of training disciples to worship God in spirit and in TRUTH.

There are many facets, ways, and styles of training  disciples to be true worshipers, so effort is being made on these multiple fronts:

  • Face to face personal interaction with students is taking place on the campus of UCLA.  William is co-director of a campus ministry called RATIO CHRISTI that meets on Thursdays from noon -2pm @ Bruin Walk – CLICK HERE for more information.
  • Online training is taking place, here, at by maintaining the blog and by producing educational videos.
  • William James Herath is a well versed teacher and preacher who has been working in youth ministry since 2006.  He shares what God has planted on his heart with churches around the country.
  • Mr. Herath is a traveling Apologetic speaker as a member of the Ratio Christi Speakers Bureau and the TRUTH Conference with Josh McDowell.
  • The title WHAT IS EVOLUTION? is one of the books authored by William James Herath that tackles the tough questions surrounding evolution.  He plans to release more books on a multitude of difficult topics.
  • The future is full of other methods and ways of training up disciples to be worshipers of God in spirit and in truth.  Herath has vision to develop retreats offering the time and personal interaction necessary in helping others build a deeper and more reasonable faith in Jesus Christ.  He also has plans to engage other worldviews through public debate.

Location, location, location is the criteria of a good piece of real estate… similarly, the criteria of reasonable faith is question, question, question.

You are invited to get Ready… Set… Question!

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Goodbye Faith Cavities!