About the Author

William James Herath

My name is William James Herath and as a kid I wanted to be a paleontologist.  The world seemed to be full of excitement and, like today, I had so many questions.  My parents realized the best way to respond to a constant stream of questions was to purchase the entire Encyclopedia Britannica.  From that point on, the response to my questions would be, “let’s go look it up.”


My father being a veterinarian and my mother a registered nurse, our home was an environment that fostered science.  Here is a quick list of my life:

 – I received my first computer at the age of nine.

 – My father enrolled me in 4-H.

 – In sixth grade, I won my first science fair.

 – In Junior High, my parents bought the family a camcorder, but it rarely left my hands.  My friends and I would make short films and documentaries.

 – I learned a second language in France as a Rotary Exchange Student.

 – By nineteen I learned my first computer language.

 – In college I worked with my father at his veterinary clinic, I learned much about the nature of science and medicine.  My father explained how things worked in his surgery room, x-ray booth, and blood work laboratory.

– Ultimately, I chose to study video production and landed my first job as a film editor for a show on PBS.

 – Within a few short years, I was married, moved to Los Angeles and was earning a living appearing in television commercials.

My wife and I had two children and began attending the Westside Vineyard.  I quickly started to help with the high school group and after four years of volunteering, I was asked to be the youth pastor.  During that time, I discovered that my students were struggling with evolution, of which catapulted me into something fascinating!  I wrote about it here: Why I Wrote the Book, What Is Evolution?


I still live in Los Angeles and have acted in dozens of commercials.  CLICK HERE to watch a compilation of a few.

I speak around the country at the Truth Conferences with Josh McDowell, and am part of the Ratio Christi Speakers Bureau.

Teaching at area youth groups is still a passion of mine that I do on a regular basis.  I also speak to high school and middle school students at summer camps and winter retreats.

Sometimes I do radio interviews.  Here are a couple of recordings, feel free to listen.  KWAVE #01 & KWAVE #02.

In the spring of 2017, I produced the short film, “How Did We Get Here?”  It highlights the illogical aspects of evolution.  CLICK HERE to watch it for free.

If you would like me to speak at your event, please visit the CONTACT ME page to request booking information.